The first exercise analyzes an existing structure, one designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture and built with modular components, through the creation of a digital model and axonometric drawings. With a thorough understanding of the existing structure, the next step proposed a recreation of the structure with prefabricated panels and 3D-printed structural components.

Axonometric drawing and section, informed by the floorplans and elevations of the Lake Iosco House by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Proposal for the recreation of Lake Iosco House using nine variations of prefabricated panels, plus additive manufacturing for the corners of the structure represented in blue
The second exercise reverse-engineers a commercially-available architectural toy kit to gain mastery of digital modeling and additive manufacturing. Then, custom-designed pieces add to the existing kit that both expand the options for construction, and offer refinement to compositions possible in the existing kit. Parametric modeling with Grasshopper scripts allowed infinite variation of design and provided opportunities for adding visual interest as well as light and thermal regulation.

By varying the parametric modeling script, the nodes, connectors, their number, and dimensions of the screen design can be modified for endless variation.

Parametrically designed panel informed by Mashrabiya architectural sun screens of Middle-Eastern architectural tradition.

Rendering of standard and customized kit components

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