Explorations of the relationship of text, image, and building
while connecting advanced technology with widely practiced
methods of representation. through these exercises, Emphasis is placed on a disciplinary
continuum from the technical to the cultural, as the course
investigates the inherent representational nature of architectural

Maya animation of objects captured and swallowed by an animated plane

Confounding Dimensionality
Informed by Dutch peep boxes as well as James Turrell's engagement of light and perception, this project has Jan Vermeer’s Art of Painting cast upon the surfaces of a shelled cube, creating the effect that the image is correct at exactly one vantage point but distorted at any other vantage point. The interior of the cube has surfaces upon which the image is most distorted, conflicting with the serene interior depicted in the painting. By casting the image on flat surfaces, the oscillation between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional is increased. The box with projected and distorted image engaged with the mode of describing the natural world on a two-dimensional surface particular to northern European image-making of the seventeenth century and at the same time the Albertian system of perspective adhered to by southern European painters.
Projected image appears correct from a single view
Projected image appears correct from a single view
Image is distorted as view changes
Image is distorted as view changes
Stories of Space
Exploring the oscillation of form, image, and text, this project seeks to capture a memory of being in a specific space. Here, the coziness and serenity of my UWS living area is translated to images that evoke a feeling of safety, and celebrate fanciful plays of light.
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